Jewellery Care

❁How to care for your jewellery❁

I provide a jewellery care card in all packages but here are a few basic tips/notes to bare in mind

My jewellery is all made with 925 sterling & 999 fine silver.

Please be aware, silver will tarnish over time especially if it is not cared for. (Tarnish can be removed and the piece will look good as new again).

Many factors can speed up tarnishing for example:

~regular water immersion- shower/chlorinated/salt

~being stored in close contact with other jewellery

~chemicals such as perfume, moisturiser and alcohol gel

Use a soft cloth to clean your jewellery (you can purchase a small silver polish cloth with your order if you don't own one). *Ensure not to forcefully rub oxidised areas because this could remove the patina used to create that effect!*

I place an anti-tarnish strip inside the pouch containing your piece, keep it! 

Another trick to keeping your piece away from factors that speed up tarnishing is to keep individual pieces in small zip-lock bags.

❁Your Thayva Designs pieces are all handmade by me, and whilst I endeavour to create high quality jewellery that lasts, it needs to be looked after❁